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Last time I wrote a journal, I was drinking coffee quite regularly.  But now, with the realization that I have tea bags and the dining hall has hot water, sugar, and milk... I've been drinking almost all tea!  And I like it much better.

Don't get me wrong.  The coffee pot on my desk is still an active little guy, and he makes a lot of coffee.  But whereas before I drank coffee in my room and in the dining hall, I now drink tea in the dining hall and, it seems, slightly less coffee in my room as a result.


The tea makes me feel more at home.

I thought last night of sitting with someone on a bench at water front park, sipping a latte.

It made my heart stop.

I miss water.
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madhatterzwei Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
Oh you saps. <3

Tea is good for you! I've been drinking a lot of it to boost my immune system from the sickness. You know Arizona tea? They now make actual tea bags of them and it tastes remarkably similar to the stuff in the can -albeit, with less sugar.
RatiocincativeRoot Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008

Ooh, wow! I'm going to have to start getting some of that!

Besides black tea with milk and sugar, my favorites are Tazo Zen (which is green tea with peppermint and lemongrass), pomegranate tea, peppermint, and white tea. Yummy tea!
immobileFreedom Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, just the other day i was thinking about how i used to lay with someone in my yard and we would watch the stars spin, or at least they felt like it because in those moments, the world revolved around us.

My heart tends to jump into my throat when i think of that...
RatiocincativeRoot Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
I used to do that with someone too. It was pretty amazing. That's one of the things I dream about.
immobileFreedom Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. We are so you want to go out sometime? I've got two tickets to this awesome event called Jump, Jive, and Wail.
RatiocincativeRoot Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
really? well if you don't already have a date, I'll go with you.

I was thinking about going with Virigina, but she called me a sap. =P
immobileFreedom Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, she's dearly mistaken, you are a gentleman. Quite so. Even payed for parking. *wink*
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Submitted on
October 13, 2008